Welcome to Trans Femme Bunny.

This is my website, here you'll find stuff and things and maybe some stories!

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Commission Info.

When commissions are open, I will specify the type and the slots available. I currently only offer erotic short stories. Fill out the linked form that can be found below (if it is open). I will get back to you based on whether I accept or decline.
If I accept, I will send you a link for you to pay me, and after payment I will schedule time for your commission to be completed and deliver it to you once it is ready.

Current Availability: Open.

Slots: One (Stories).
Discounts on scenes involving men, scenes involving breeding, and scenes involving cock worship. ($5 off for stories of 1000 words, or $10 off of stories for 2000 words.)

Commission Guidelines and Prices.

I will take no more than 4000 words at a time.
Various kinks and sex acts will cost extra, some kinks and sex acts may be discounted based on sales.
The following content will not be admissable:
illegal content, scat/vomit, extreme violence.


20USD for 1000 words.
50USD for 2000 words.